April 2013
Some Good and Some Bad

It seems to me that each year, the colours on the vine are slightly different.
Perhaps it's my imagination, but I just can't help showing them each time
this spectacular display rolls around.
This year I was fascinated at the new leaves that were appearing as the others were about to leave.
I wrote a poem about it.

We usually cut the trailing vines or risk being strangled as we walk under the pergola,
but when they are almost ready to drop their leaves, I try to leave as many as I can.
And I hide the secateurs from Jonni!

Yet another blustering storm, but this time the tree I had expected to lose (the leaning one)
is still hanging in there, while another of my favourite corky barked casuarinas
has split in half not far above the ground.+

I've posted photos of the persoonia pinifolia which puts on its amazing display
for many months at the bottom of the garden, and some time ago I planted another
at the east end of the mouse. It's a very dry spot, sheltered from most of the rain
but it's done well, and developed beautifully weeping branches.
As other shrubs in this bed (except for the thomasia) seem unwilling to flower for me
I was so delighted to see these appear on the precious persoonia.
At least here I think it should be safely sheltered from the ravages of fierce winds.

And just one final late afternoon photo as the leaves will soon have all disappeared.

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