April 2005

Eremophila nivea
Eremophila nivea. This is not a grafted plant so I don't expect it to be long lived.
However, at the moment it is flowering away happily and looking very robust

The rocks provide a lovely backdrop for the foliage of many of the prostrate plants

Acacia cognata
The Acacia cognata on the left, were planted about this time last year,
so I popped in a few more, and hope they do the same.
Hard to believe that this is the same size that I planted last year.

Banksia marginata
Banksia marginata. The tree has been growing like mad
over the past couple of years. I continually looked for signs of a flower -
and finally ....................

marginata flower
......... there is was! And when I looked closer, there were about twenty!

marginata bark
The bark is also extremely attractive

irrigation bed
The plants on the new irrigation bed are doing extremely well

raised bed
The third Eucalyptus pulverulenta bowed over after the December storm.
I thought that once the weight of the rainwater evaporated, it would stand
up straight again, but it doesn't look like it.
I think this one will probably have to be coppiced too.

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