December 2008

Nothing Special

The vine is doing a great job and it will be interesting to see how far it spreads this season

It seems to be cottoning on to the idea that it has to begin covering
the top of the pergola - not just waving in the breeze all over the place!

Now I realise that this is a pretty boring photo, but it is important in the overall scheme of things.
The fenceline on one side of the property had to be moved two metres.
Sounds great to suddenly acquire two metres more garden - but I also acquired
a mass of ivy and twisted overgrown grevilleas and blackberries.
While Jonni dug post holes and constructed the fence, I got busy cutting and painting the ivy
and blackberries, and doing a bit of drastic pruning of the shrubbery
The reason I want the photo here is so that in a year or two I can take a photo from
the same spot and see a huge difference!

Yes - I do try to have a positive attitude.

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