Upright Already
17 June 2003

Since the weekend it has hardly stopped raining and we expected nothing much to have
happened at The Duckpond when we arrived there today.

posts erected
But these builders are no wimps when it comes to a deluge or two,
and we were astounded and thrilled to see that all the posts had been stood up and
quite a few of the beams are already in place.

timber frame
Erik and Fred told Jonni that they are really enjoying working with the cypress macrocarpa.

cypress macrocarpa
The post in the foreground of the photo will remain freestanding in the living area,
and Erik and Fred have chosen one with very beautiful markings for this spot.

timber grain
See what I mean?

erecting the frame
I was surprised to see how smoothly the two men were able to lift the beams into place.

house frame
We're already able to begin getting a bit of a feel for the size of the house.
I can hardly wait to see what's happened by the time I get up there tomorrow, and if the weather
is kind Mum/Beatrice may be able to have another look at her part of the project.

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