Now it's all up to Us!
6 August 2003

completed frame
Finally, all the clerestory windows are in place and the verandahs erected

post and beam frame
I think it looks good from all angles

inside post and beam frame
Inside too. (No, it's not an artsy shot -
I just seem to sometimes forget to hold the camera straight!)

erik and fred
And now it's time for us to farewell our builder Erik Voorzaat and his offsider Fred.
In the past couple of years we've listened to so many 'horror building stories',
but I have to say that it's been nothing but a joy to watch Erik and Fred tackle this frame project with overwhelming enthusiasm and pleasure in their work.
If you want a builder who returns phone calls, is always pleasant and co-operative,
who does what he says he's going to - and when he says he'll do it, then you couldn't do
any better than to have Erik and his team on the job.
Jonni and I heartily recommend them in all ways, and look forward to them
keeping a bit of an eye on the house now that it's all up to us.

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