Another Crack at the Roof
9 November 2003

main house roof
As this roof was so steep, instead of putting on all the lining boards and then doing the battens,
we did a few lining boards, then a batten.
This way, we had something to stand on while we continued.

cecilia on roof
My job (after helping to drag the battens into place), is to nail down the hoop iron straps
which hold the battens in place. Before we began this roof I was terrified at the thought of Jonni
working on this steep pitch. But somehow I found myself up there too! I have to say it provided Jonni
with great amusement as he watched me clambering from one batten to the next
(specially the widely spaced one). Still - "little things please little minds", I think the saying goes.

ollie and rob
Once the ceiling lining boards were fixed, it was time to call on our delightfully reliable
and hard working plumbers Ollie Voges (Healesville) and Rob King (Mt Evelyn).

ollie's truck
People who turn up when they say they will, and work so cheerfully,
even on the hottest day, get my greatest support and respect.

wool insulation
While Ollie and Rob put up the Colorbond, Jonni worked like a maniac trying to keep one jump ahead
with the wool insulation batts. Bradford sisalation was laid between the insulation and the tin.

colorbond roof
One more roof face completed (flashing to come a bit later). Now just the high ones to do!

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