Our Snazzy Window
10 July 2004

When we decided to have a leadlight window in the entrance hall,
we thought we'd like to design it ourselves so that it would have some relevance to the house itself.
We roughly drew up a symbolic representation of the trees with the sun shining through,
and at the base of the window, blue glass for the pond,
with the reflection of the sun (or the moon) in the water.

leadlight window
Then off we trotted to Brian Turner at Victorian Leadlights in Canterbury,
to see if our design was feasible. We told Brian that we aren't into 'neat' so would prefer
the pieces of glass not to have straight edges.
We were thrilled with his interpretation of our pretty sketchy drawing and with the quality of his work.

tim and jonni installing laying bricks

Son Tim came over to add a few courses to the wall that Adam and Justine had begun.

completed entrance hall wall
And then Jonni and I finished it off over the next couple of days.
It's very difficult to get a good photo to show the colours in
the window as it has to be shot against the sun.

incomplete greenhouse
The greenhouse walls are almost complete now and it's a good sheltered spot
for lunch or morning tea if there's any sun at all.
The green tin is only there temporarily until we put on the clear roof which
will span from underneath the weatherboards across the big beam at the front.

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