Windows at Last
24 September 2004

david and nicholas
David Duncan, from Ridgeline Glass, and his nephew Nicholas Mende
(sacrificing an afternoon of his school holiday) came to put in the fixed double glazed windows.
Once again, we find what we need just two minutes down the road, and Ridgeline Glass
will also be able to make our showerscreen.

david the glazier
All the glass panels have been made to measure and David didn't seem at all concerned
that the glass may not fit easily.

installing first windows
He must have measured pretty accurately, as it took him very little time to fix in all the windows.
Now I can get to work with my little oiling brush on the beadings.

The openable windows were made by Outlook Windows -
who are of course just down the road too! In fact they are next door to Ridgeline Glass.
fitting windows
Fitting the openable windows was somewhat tricky, as they had been measured to fit
maximum widths and had to be trimmed down to fit the exact openings of the windows.
The job was not made any easier by the weight of the heavy glass in the timber frames.

window fastener
We have settled on a variety of window closing mechanisms.
This casement window uses a long rod which has holes to latch over a little knob
(sorry I can't remember what they're called).
I really like these fasteners (memories of my childhood home), but they may not be
quite so convenient once the flyscreens are fitted as they will probably have to be either
completely open, or completely closed. I think I can live with that!

bathroom windows
The bathroom and kitchen windows are also casement windows,
but we have chosen friction stays for the opening mechanism

friction stays
The friction stays are fitted to the top and bottom of the window and the frame.

kitchen windows
The advantage of this system is that the window can be opened to any point
between closed and a full ninety degrees. The friction stays hold the window very firm
so it would be unlikely to slam shut on a windy day.

clerestory window
The clerestorey windows will be awning windows with winders.
Jonni has made a cute little ring on the end of a long pole, which he assures me will
easily turn the handles to open and close these windows.
As the glue is still drying on his natty invention it has not yet been test driven,
and I remain unconvinced that I'll be able to operate this 'long distance' device!

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