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25 January 2005

We were a bit lazy over the Christmas period, and enjoyed plenty of visitors
who called in to see how things were going.
Then Jonni and I both got a bit anxious to get back to some bricklaying.

south kitchen wall
The south wall of the kitchen was next on the list. It was pretty fiddly as we had to leave
openings for plumbing pipes.

inside kitchen
And as there will be sink and cupboards from the window down, we cut long half bricks
to fit behind the stud wall. Also Jonni put timber strips between a couple of courses of bricks
to make it easier to attach the cement sheet onto which the tiles will be fixed.

6 February 2005
completed south wall
This wall is finished for now. At the moment we are only concerned in getting the house to lock-up.
Later we will continue the bricks as far up as we can go to prevent the birds from nesting on top.
At the moment there are nine nests perched on top of our brick walls around the house (all blackbirds)

east wall
We completed the east wall of the kitchen which had been started many months ago.
The wall at the left of the photo will be the very last one to build as we use it to sweep all the
bits of chopped off brick and cleaned up mortar out of.
The next big obstacle will be the high sloping walls either end of the main living area.

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