Lock Up!!!
1 March 2005

Travis from Outlook Windows delivered the remaining fixed windows,
but couldn't be persuaded to stay to help put them in.

windows and door
It took several days to get all these windows in place, complete with the
opening and closing thingumijigs

jonni installing clerestory windows
I undertook the important job of reminding Jonni to remove the labels from the glass
BEFORE he came down off the roof!



8 April 2005
jonni and window
Today David and Matt (from Ridgeline Glass) turned up with the rest of the
double glazed panels. Jonni loves an excuse to get up on the roof (I think it must
be because of the lovely view), so he borrowed David's sucker thing to help carry the glass.

thumbs up!
He finished the last of the high windows with visible relief

david fixes last window
You can see the concentration on David's face as he makes sure
the last nail in the last window ends up in the right place

david and matt finish job
And now.........we are finally ............ LOCKED UP!!!!!

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