A Surprise Gift
15 July 2005

When Jonni went to collect the spotted gum which we are using for the walls of the stair well,
and the internal outer walls of the studio, he received a wonderful surprise.

Julia and Jason, from Australian Choice Timber Supplies, had made a sign for The Duckpond,
with a perfect choice of lettering style. The name was inscribed deeply into a piece of red gum.

We were so thrilled with this thoughtful and generous gesture, and what better colour to paint the letters than 'duck egg yolk yellow' (or as close as I could mix from my tubes of acrylic paint).

At last it was ready to hang on the front fence.................

I have to say there was a little 'discussion' between Jonni and I when we came to hang the sign.
I thought it should be hung level with the top of the fence............ but.......... Jonni insisted on wielding
his trusty spirit level and making it level with where the ground would be if that was level!

Of course, I gave in graciously (!?*) and have to admit that whether it's straight or crooked
in my opinion, the sign is just beautiful, and we're both utterly delighted with it.

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