Shiny Floors
20 September 2005

With all our upstairs walls complete (except for architraves and skirting boards,
it was time to get the floors sanded and finished.

We finished the floors with two coats of Intergrain Tung Oil Finish.
After the first coat the floor looked AWFUL, and we thought we'd made a terrible mistake,
but after the second coat (applied with a lamb's wool applicator)
the floor has a lovely soft sheen - exactly as we'd hoped

We're just so happy with our floors - it's a pity that the dust still wafts up from downstairs
as we continue to work on the rest of the job

We also finished the stairs while we were at it.
The stair stringers will be oiled when I'm allowed to do the walls

If I'm not allowed to do the stringers and newel posts yet, at least I can get my little
oil brush onto the beams and rafters, now that the floors have been done.
Don't tell me that I've missed a bit on the bottom of that beam -
I'd better run upstairs and check!

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