Countdown to Christmas
13 December 2005

Christmas Eve is always a lovely evening, with any available family and friends
joining us for dinner. We thought we'd try to surprise Heidi and Tim by having
dinner in the new part of the house.................. But there's still much to do..........

First job on the list for me was to tile the wall behind the stove so that this could be installed.
Jonni had done his best to persuade me that it would be a good idea to buy tiles with
straight edges, but I assured him that by now I was such an expert that wobbly edged
tiles would be no problem at all. After all - if they're already wonky, who's to know if
they're straight or not! And I think they look pretty good.

Jonni spent a great deal of time up in the garage, finally appearing with a heap of bits
and pieces which all fitted together to magically turn into cupboard frames

To me it was even more magical when they fitted neatly into their allotted space

17 December 2005

What a momentous day! For the first time in twelve months we were to have a proper
stove again. The body on the floor is Ollie the plumber, who kindly managed
to fit us into the pre-Christmas rush

And within the hour I had the first loaf of 2005 rising in its tin.
What bliss!!

I have to record here my undying gratitude to my friend Jill and my brother in law Bill
who so generously allowed us to remember what REAL bread tastes like.
However, I have sorely missed the very basic satisfaction I have always enjoyed
in the fundamental process of creating 'the staff of life'

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