The Kitchen
9 January 2006

With Christmas behind us, it was time to get stuck into creating the kitchen.
As we had found the blackwood bench in the small kitchen so easy to live with,
we were keen to do it all again for this one.
Tim Kennedy, from Bower Bird Timber, managed to find us just enough to do the job,
and Jonni embarked on the task of putting all the bits together with his biscuit joiner.

He was able to avoid cutting the sink hole out of a completed bench top as he'd done
in the first kitchen, which was rather a pity as I was already thinking of various uses
for such a lovely big section of blackwood!

With Jonni safely occupied with his kitchen benches, I was able to amuse myself with
more of my wobbly edged tiles.

I think I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself - and who's going to
be able to tell if they're straight or not?

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