Moving Again!
15 March 2006

With the water connected, power and lights - and the new fridge installed.
we were spending more and more time in the newest section of the house.
Being a creature who dislikes change and upheaval, I needed to clearly know
at which point we could consider that we have moved into the main part of the house.

After much careful thought and discussion, it was decided that when the marmalade
moved down to the new kitchen - we have moved!

So it looks like today's the day.

We now have our old lounge suite back from Marty, the upholsterer.
Marty has his business M.A.L. Upholsterers in Healesville, and had kindly
been working on our job during the past twelve months, which gave us
valuable additional space in our garage! I did take a couple of photos of Marty
when he delivered the furniture, but something happened to them on their way to
the computer so I trotted down the street and took this one..........

............... in his shop, just in case he doesn't manage to pop back for a fresh photo shoot
with our lovely freshly rejuvenated lounge suite

The living room feels very 'connected' to the garden, and it's lovely to sit having breakfast
while the birds have their's among the bushes just outside the window

I became quite excited when Jonni began building what I thought was surely
going to be a bookcase. I was just about to begin unpacking some of my many boxes of books
when Jonni declared "but it's not a bookcase". When I asked him what it was for, he said
that it wasn't for books, it was for 'stuff'! He couldn't tell me just what sort of 'stuff' he had
in mind, so before he wasted too much brainpower on discovering 'stuff' to fit the shelves,
I whipped in a book or two!

And while I was at it, I thought I'd just lay claim to another couple of shelves
which weren't overwhelmed with 'stuff'.

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