Settling In
29 September 2006

Work on the house has been rattling along at the same pace as always.
But much of the work such as architraves and skirtings don't make rivetting viewing,
hence the sparseness of the web updates!

The kitchen benches have long since been finished, but sadly cupboard doors
are not at the top of Jonni's priority list.

The pantry functions really well - and is still relatively tidy, although who know for how long.
'The Hole' between the pantry and the fridge was meant to house a double
bank of pull out shelves to store small jars of stuff etc. However, so far we have
been unable to find a supplier of the metal frames that are deep enough to make
full use of the space. So for now it's just known as 'The Hole', and if anyone has any
brilliant suggestions about it we'd love to hear from you!

Jonni had pretty well completed cutting the sections for the bookcase when I found a photo
in a magazine with a whole wall of higgledy piggledy bookshelves. "Oh pleeeease Jonni"
I begged him, can we have ours like that? I didn't hold out much hope, knowing how far down
the track he was already, but the dear man redesigned it all and there they were!
He found that this sort of set up was really much easier to put together than one with the
shelves all on the same level. So now I'm hoping that all our shelves will be like this.

With a few paintings up on the walls, the place feels quite 'lived in'
and as you can see - family roast dinners are back in full swing.

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