My Wild Studio Wall
20 September 2006

The blank white plaster walls of the three upstairs rooms were a constant testament
to my poor plastering skills, and I decided it was time to do something about it.
I thought I should begin with the studio wall, as the results of my efforts would
not often be inflicted on others!

I began over the sink as I could reach the lower part while standing on the floor
and then stand on the bench to reach as high as I could.

I could have left this part unpainted as the wall will eventually have extensive
cupboards and bookcases, but I couldn't cope with the eye-catching white space
for more than a couple of days before I had to attack it too. After all, Jonni
could decide to build cupboards with no backs and then I'll be pleased
to have colourful cupboard insides, won't I?

After finishing the paint job, I even tidied up the whole studio.

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