Little Bits of Pieces
January 2007

Not sure if this is 'inside' or 'outside' classification.
Finally I got around to doing the copper panels on each side of the front door.
I dropped vinegar and bleach all over the copper, covered it with plastic wrap,
squiddled it around a bit, and then put it out in the strong sun. Magic!

Once again the delicious smell of tung oil wafts through the house.
After Jonni punched all the nails (I do too much 'mis-hitting' if I do it) I was finally able to
oil more of the messmate walls.

And............ we now have a towel rai!
A tree branch with bark removed and sanded smooth, does the job admirably

Although it is a bit of a pity we have to cover it up with towels.

Downstairs in the kitchen, the problem hole now has two pull-out sets of shelves.
When Jonni swings into 'door mode' these doors will have little wire baskets hanging on the inside.

Living in a medium fire risk area, we have to be prepared for ember attack.
We do fire drills with our petrol pump, but I always seem to get the red/black buttons/toggles
mixed up, so Jonni did me my own set of instructions.

And Some More Outside Stuff

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