And Some More Outside Stuff
January 2007

Not quite sure why I put this picture here - perhaps because it's close to
where I took the photo below.

We didn't quite have enough wobbly weatherboards to complete this fence
but managed to get some more from Tim Kennedy at Bowerbird Timber.
Hopefully the water tank will eventually get covered with a (non-invasive) creeper.

On the north side of the house, we sort of finished the greenhouse.
Because it hadn't been detailed on our original plans, but just designated
as a 'future greenhouse' we would have to pay $800 to get a building permit
to complete it as we had intended. So for the moment it's just going to be open with
shade cloth in the summer, and I'll use it to grow my cuttings through the winter
as this area is protected well from the frosts.

This photo shows where we had to put a partial tin roof on the
greenhouse, because of our fire danger rating.

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