The Big Table
February 2008

It's been a long time in between photos, but with the house pretty well completed, except for a few cupboard doors,
we've mostly just been enjoying living in the house and finding,
with Jonni's careful design of sun angles etc, the house is cool in summer and warm in winter.

One major addition to the inside was the building of a table large enough to
gather friends and family around it and still leave room for the food!

Here it is

This table was never going to be lightweight, so it was constructed in parts in the garage
before being brought into the house to be put together.

So far so good!

Sister in law Anna was on hand to help get the table top in.
Great thinking on someone's part to put bits of timber on the floor underneath
otherwise once the legs are added we'd never be able to get our hands
underneath to lift it onto its feet.

All bolted together..........

................and carpet feet added.
This table was not going to liftable, but with the tiled floor and carpet feet
we should be able to push and shove it around a bit.

At the point where it had to be lifted onto its feet,
Anna decided it was her turn to take the photo!

The legs and underneath of the top were oiled while it was upside down
and now we can complete the job.

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