The Frog Pond in 2004
28 March 2004

rushes in pond
The reeds began at the far end (shallow end) of the pond, but they have travelled right across
until they almost totally cover the whole area

dried out pond
This is the 'deep' end of the pond which was the only part not dried out.
The mud came well above my knees.

cecilia in pond
With Tim's waders on, I had to reach down into the deep mud and try to release the huge roots.
There were the most amazing spiders in the water, who apparently live underwater in air bubbles.
They kept popping up to the surface, ran across the water a little way
and then disappeared underwater again.

clearing rushes
It doesn't look very attractive after this little exercise, does it?
But once the pond fills (the water comes up to the rock on which I'm sitting),
and the plant life is re-established, perhaps the frogs will find it
more to their liking when spring comes.

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