The Pond in 2011
Full Up to the Gurgle

The couple of handfulls of native pond plant that I threw into the pond
a couple of years ago had grown profusely,
providing a splendid protective cover for all the inhabitants.


In every previous year, the pond has dried out on the right hand to about
half way across the length. Not this year! It has been constantly
overflowing back through the copse of casuarinas, and I haven't been
able to remove the self sown unwanted things like the acacia which can
be seen on the left of the photo.

There are also a few clumps of rush re-sprouted several years after
I waded into the pond and cleared most of them when they were
mixed up with old pots of waterlilies
left behind by the previous owners of the land.
I do hope I'm not going to have to repeat the exercise - it was no picnic!


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