The Day of the Trusses
25 March 2003

trusses delivered
The trusses had been delivered before the frame was erected.
Now all we had to do was piff them up onto the roof - can't see any problems there, can you?

first truss
Today we were just Jonni, Tim and myself, so the other two got busy swinging the first truss
upside down across the top of the frame. So far so good.

first truss in place
"Just hold it there Jonni" said Tim, "and I'll think of what we do next".

third truss in place
Once the system had been worked out, it all hummed along quite nicely,

jonni a bit stuck
There was the odd 'tricky little moment'!

It's all coming along pretty well now - just the last one.........

last truss
The last truss to be swung into place - but unfortunately there seems to be
a couple of heads in the wrong place.

trusses all up
The expression on Jonni's face actually is saying "for heavens sake hurry up with your damn photo
so we can get some bracing onto these trusses or they'll all blow down with the first puff of wind".

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