Plugging up the Gaps
19 April 2003

radially sawn logs
The cladding boards for the garage walls were delivered in the form of four trees!
The wood had been radially sawn, except for each end, which had to be sawn through
to release the individual boards.

first boards on
Not a bad result for our first experience at using these boards. An even more surprising result
when you know that Jonni had to make do with my inexperienced hammering efforts.
My sore wrist was somewhat subdued by the promise of my own hammer and nailbag!

heading home
Just to show that we keep working until the sun goes down!

cecilia and new nailbag
My new nailbag looks a bit squeaky clean for my liking, but I'm sure I can soon fix that.

beatrice and tim
Tim lends a hand once more. I let him use my hammer to see if he could train it a bit for me.
You can tell which nails I've banged in if you look closely -
the heads of mine seem to be all shiny for some reason!

jonni and workbench
And now it's beginning to look like a building.

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