Bit of a Hitch
27 April 2003

Today was going to be the day we finished putting the boards on the back wall - before it rained!!
"Showers developing later in the day" was the weather forecast. (ha ha)

Tomorrow was going to be day Jonni put the downpipes on!

temporary spouting
A bit of improvisation was called for!
The ridge capping, which hadn't yet been fitted, was found to be more useful
propped up with a ladder, directing the water onto the adjacent grass bed.

The resident frog was soon chortling his appreciation for the extra water.
Modesty prevents me from telling you whose brilliant idea this was!

front temporary spouting
A length of flashing served a similar purpose out the front.

jonni in garage
So, after sorting out a couple of heaps of boards, and sweeping the floor, there wasn't much point
in doing anything else but having morning tea, reading the paper and heading for home.

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