Pouring the Slab
22 May 2003

concrete slab
But alas! It was not to be! It rained steadily the day before and was still raining
on what was forecast to be a better day.

pouring slab
With a steady lineup of concrete trucks waiting out on the road,
Bill, from Yarra Valley Concrete Pumping, Healesville,
squirted it down to the crew with the spreading tools.

concrete slab
Simon and Lee Caldicott from L & S Caldicott Concreting, Healesville worked on cheerfully in the wet.

timber garage
Why wouldn't they? After all we had built a great shed for them sit in to eat their lunch!

Next Day....................................
watering the slab
If this slab has any cracks appearing in it, it won't be because Jonni didn't keep it wet enough!

concrete slab
With the boxing off, we can begin to get a better idea of what will go where.
Mum/Beatrice tries out the step from the entrance hall into her part of the house.

beatrice in her lounge
Mum and I thinking over possibilities for the greenhouse,
which at the moment is that muddy patch in between the two large slabs!

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