July 2008

What's Flowering in Winter?

Sorry about the fuzzy photo - must have been the cold!
The grevillea lanigera seems to do well wherever I plant it in the garden.
This one is just outside the window of our dining area, so we can watch the birds enjoying it.

This is another grevillea - one of the thelmannianas I think.
I should have pulled out the weeds before I took the photo!

I have been well rewarded for pulling out the potato vine and replacing it with
this hardenbergia, which is almost white, with a little mauve in the centre of the flower

The grevillea juniperina is very prickly, but the little honeyeaters
don't seem to mind one bit.

The flowers are trully superb.

This grevillea drapes itself over the rocks at the end of the drive
and seems to thrive on neglect

The photo doesn't do justice to the colour of this brachysema

And of course there are banksia flowers in abundance, but I've
put so many of them on previous pages that I thought I'd better miss them out this time

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