June 2005

When I tried to grow a Guichenotia macranthaseveral years ago, I managed to lose it within
a couple of months. This one, growing on the large raised bed,
has bloomed non-stop all through the winter months
and seems to have suffered no ill effects from several quite heavy frosts.

Immediately after the first rain following a lengthy dry period, fungi sprouted prolifically
in all areas of the garden

Recently I bought a book on Australian fungi, but I'm not brave
enough to risk attaching names to these little characters

Some of them are just the most amazing colour.
This one was such a rich red

and these were a beautiful deep golden yellow

Just appearing through the leaves - and by this time tomorrow some
enterprising little bugs will probably have nibbled around the edges!

It's not just fungi that offer surprises when I walk around the garden.
This stick was so completely encased in pale green lichen with little raised circles.
I went back the next day to see if I could find it to make a painting,
but I couldn't remember exactly where I'd seen it. I should have picked it up
when I first noticed it!

I've been watching this one for a couple of days.
It's growing on the bark of a dead pine tree trunk

It was difficult to believe the extraordinary colour of this leaf
which I almost missed finding as it was so well camouflaged against the mulch

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