Duckpond House Concert No. 1
Liz Stringer and Van Walker
2 April 2011

Jonni has spent many months planning the first of what he hopes will be
an ongoing series of house concerts at The Duckpond.
For the first concert we welcomed Liz Stringer and Van Walker on 2 April 2011.

Making room for the performers involved much shifting of (heavy) furniture.


So anyone looking for a comfortable chair from lunchtime onwards
found themselves in the laundry!


We were glad we had remembered to glue carpet to the base of the big refectory table
at the time Jonni made it, as it meant we could at least slide it across the floor.
This made room for two more tables so everyone would have somewhere
to put the plate of finger food that they were asked to bring and their drinks.


Everyone arrived with superb punctuality, so after a mug of Jonni's home made pumpkin soup
and one of my home made rolls, plus a warm-up for Liz and Van,
Jonni kicked off the evening with the introduction.


We first heard/saw Liz playing last year at the Echuca Blues Festival with her band,
and her CD 'Tides Of Time' has been on high rotation at our house ever since.
She has her own website where you can hear her music.


For tonight she was joined by her friend Van Walker,
who you can also hear on his website


Liz and Van played two hour-long sets of almost exclusively their own songs,
and the audience, most of whom had never seen them before, really warmed to their performance.


Their music obviously appealed to all those who had come to enjoy an evening of live music........


.................including the littlest member of the audience, my grand daughter Ella


And even a couple who crept in when no-one was watching!

It was wonderful to see that our first concert was met with such obvious enthusiasm -
which made all the subsequent furniture shifting and glass washing worth while (I think).

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