Duckpond House Concert No.3
Collard Greens & Gravy
16 July 2011

Music rang out once more at The Duckpond, when Collard Greens & Gravy
were enticed by Jonni to play their brand of foot stomping country blues
to a 'packed house' on 16 July 2011.


Jonni dressed appropriately to introduce the band in his 2011 Byron Bay Bluesfest t-shirt.
That was where we had last seen them playing.


James Bridges
Ian Collard
vocals, guitar and harmonica.
Anthony 'Shortie' Shortte

You can find out more about Collard Greens and Gravy, and listen to their music on their website at


This is the largest number of performers and most equipment we have managed to fit
into our 'stage area'. But they appeared to cope admirably, delighting the audience
with a mix of original songs and blues standards by the likes of
Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf.


With the music reminiscent of a Missippi juke joint, it was impossible for some of us
to remain seated sedately. So, the kitchen was called into service as a 'dance floor'.


And it wasn't only the 'old fogies' who
couldn't resist grooving along to the beat.

Apparently we weren't the only ones who enjoyed the evening, as the setting
allowed the band to play some of the quieter songs that they don't get to play in pubs.
Mention was made of a 'return visit' in 2012.

All the seats were taken, but there were those who did manage
to find themselves a spot and made sure they didn't miss a good night.

Once again, it was great to see that our taste in music is shared by
so many of our family and friends - a good night was had by all.
Who will be the next to perform at the Duckpond?

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