Duckpond House Concert No.6
Jane Thompson & James Rigby
21 April 2012

Only three short weeks after our first house concert for 2012, we once again came together
on 21 April in a celebration of 'live music', ie our sixth house concert overall,
and it was a change of pace as we invited our old friends
Jane Thompson and James Rigby to play for us.

Gathering around the tables before the music starts gives everyone a chance to get to catch up
and find space on the table for the copious quantities of food people bring to share.
Some people's definition of a SMALL plate of food continues to amaze us.

Jonni and I have a special affection for Jane and James, whom we first met in the early 90's
at the Cockatoo Cafe in Dunolly, when they were playing in the band Blackwood
with James' brothers Andy and Bruce. We were so impressed
we asked them to play at our wedding, which was also at the 'Cockatoo'.
We have seen them many times since, and after playing at the Duckpond
for our tenth wedding anniversary, Jane suggested that the acoustics were so good
we should think about organising some house concerts - which we eventually did!

The artists do enjoy playing for an audience that is prepared to really sit and listen to the music,
and the stories that go with them. Of course there are plenty of 'regulars' at the house concerts,
but it is very pleasing to be able to find new people wanting to come and enjoy live music.
We had ten Duckpond novices for this one.

Jane has a beautiful bright and haunting voice,
which is so well offset by James deeper mellow tone.
They play a variety of instruments, and if our photographer
was worth her keep, we would have a photo of Jane
playing her lovely whistle. To find out more about them
and to listen to some of their music, go to their website at

The audience has departed, so what do musicians do to wind down?
They play music of course - and anyone with an instrument to hand
is always welcome to join in.

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