Duckpond House Concert No. 9
Le Blanc Bros Cajun Band
15 September 2012

After just three weeks, live music once more rang out at the Duckpond,
when the Le Blanc Brothers Cajun Band brought their lively brand of
traditional cajun music on 15 September, for
our ninth house concert.


The house concert coincided with a major reunion of the Ashton clan, so all the house guests
pitched in to prepare for the night, with my son Tim putting us in the right mood
with a little guitar practice.


And what would cajun music be without some gumbo. Fortunately, this is one of Jonnie's
specialities and my daughter in law Justine, surely the 'fastest chopper in town',
was put to work preparing all choppable ingredients.


The expression 'like herding cats' was oh so appropriate, as family members endeavoured
to round-up, arrange, re-arrange and alert all those present. The ten or twenty plus photos
prior to this one show the 'cat herding' fiasco so well. Wish we could show them all!


My four grand children Ella, Abbey, Erin and Joni
and their two cousins Grace and Charlotte (at either end)
were also thrilled to get together once again - not a common occurrence.


Finally, with family photos over, the band, comprising Geoff Le Blanc (accordion),
Richard Klein (fiddle and vocals), Andrew Le Blanc (guitar and vocals)
and Andrew Scott (double bass), were able to find just enough room to do their thing.
We first heard/saw them playing about 15 months ago and have been trying to arrange
a house concert ever since, but, with one member residing in New Zealand,
they don't get together very often and gigs are pretty rare.


They play the traditional music of southern Louisiana and the cajun rhythms soon
drew the dancers into any available spaces. The children left little room up the front
for any adults to join in.


And Justine showed that her talents were not restricted to chopping,
with a deft bit of triangle playing to help out the band .


Gradually the children were persuaded it was time for bed, all except for little Abbey,
all of one year old, who was 'last man standing' after dancing almost non-stop
since the first note of the evening. A good night was had by all. C'est bon.

To find out more about Le Blanc Bros Cajun Band go to their Myspace page at


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