Duckpond House Concert No. 10
Eric Bogle & Pete Titchener
15 November 2012

For our final house concert for 2012, and our 10th overall, we were delighted to invite
Australia's foremost folk singer/songwriter, Eric Bogle, to the Duckpond, on 15 November.
Having it on a Thursday night was a departure from our usual format, but, with an artist
of Eric's calibre, we were happy to have him whenever he was available


Jonni was worried that aThursday night might not suit some
of our regular concert goers, but we had our biggest crowd yet,
and a long waiting list. With daylight saving already here,
it was strange to begin tonight's concert without darkened windows.


When Jonni decided to make a brand new stool for Eric
to sit on, I tried to persuade him not to make it too tall
but he wouldn't listen. What happened on the night?
Eric used it as a table, (because it was too tall to sit on!).


As we still find it hard to believe that musicians and songwriters are prepared to trek out to the
Duckpond to perform in our home, Jonni felt a bit cheeky asking Eric Bogle if he'd consider
playing for us. He nearly fell of his chair with excitement when Eric said "Yes"!


It must be much nicer to hit the road with a mate at your side.
So, with Eric's long time accompanist John Munro now living
in Darwin, he brought his friend Pete Tichener,
who is no stranger to folkie fans.


There was a great vibe between the two - quite astonishing for such a fairly recent partnership,
and the audience couldn't help but feel the enjoyment the artists were obviously having.
It really added to the performance.


Eric has written so many songs over the years, but still sings
with such passion and feeling. During some songs there were
quite a few tears shed in the audience, yet during others
everyone was laughing uproariously. And pompous shock jocks
beware lest they get skewered by his sharp wit.


Listening to Eric's songs on CD is great, but hearing him tell the stories that brought him
to write the songs in the first place will put a different layer on my future listenings.
So, those of you who love his music and would like to hear the stories, should buy the DVD
of his concert at the Stonyfell Winery. Many of tonights guests took Jonni's advice
and went home clutching both the DVD and one or two of his many CDs.
To find out more about Eric go to his website at


Musicians always seem to find it hard to put down their instruments, and my neice Jasmin took
the opportunity to try out Jonni's new stool while enjoying just a few more bars before bed.
Thank goodness someone finally sat on the stool.


Well, it's been a big year for live music here at the Duckpond. I wonder what next year has in store.


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