Duckpond House Concert No. 12
Fred Smith & Liz Frencham
12 April 2013

For our second house concert for 2013, it was the return, by popular demand,
of Fred Smith and Liz Frencham. When we heard that they would be touring down our way
as part of a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the release of 'Into My Room',
which was their first collaboration and the start of their working relationship,
we jumped at the chance of getting them back. It's a testament to their popularity
that they returned to another 'full house'.


One lovely aspect of the intimate atmosphere of such a small audience is the opportunity
to personally meet and talk to the artists. This is not a good photo technically,
but it certainly does illustrate this.


(photo by Julie Wilson)
We have two professional photographers in the family,
but we try not to take advantage of their attendance at our concerts.
However, we are grateful to Julie for taking several superb photos
on this occasion, such as this one of Liz with her precious double bass.
We were treated to songs by both Fred and Liz,
and Liz's new song 'King Of DIY' was a big hit.


(photo by Julie Wilson)
Of course, there were plenty of our favourites from Fred's CDs Dust of Uruzgan and Texas,
but we were lucky enough to hear a sneak preview of a couple of songs
that Fred has written for his new CD, which, we hope, is soon to be released.


Fred and Liz's popularity can be seen by the crush of people eager to buy their CDs
during the interval. Luckily Fred's delightful wife Maryanne was with him this time,
so she was able to lend a helping hand.


(photo by Julie Wilson)
We have several regular audience members, and once again we thank Julie
for this great photo of Hardy Brosow, who has been to every house concert except two,
when he was away on holiday last year.


Naturally there were songs from the two CDs on which Fred and Liz have collaborated,
'Into My Room'
and 'Love Thongs'. They have such different voices, but they blend brilliantly.
The relaxed way they interact comes from great mutual respect and affection,
and ten years of performing together helps.

We hope that Fred and Liz will come back to see us again, maybe with a new CD or two,
and, in the meantime, we can keep an eye on their activities and listen to their songs
on their websites: and


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