Duckpond House Concert No. 16
Cyndi Boste & Pete Fidler
5 October 2013

It seems that 2013 is the year of the duos here at The Duckpond, because for the third time in a row,
and the fourth time this year, we welcomed a duo into our home. This time it was alt-country
singer/songwriter Cyndi Boste and dobro player extraordinaire Pete Fidler

Cyndi's rich soulful voice combined so well with Pete's stunning dobro playing.
There was a real chemistry between the two of them.

We have my nephew Andrew to thank for introducing us to Cyndi and her music.
Although she's been a highly acclaimed singer/songwriter on the Australian music scene
for many years, Cyndi has been off the scene for the last six years or so, playing only
the occasional local gig near her home in Hepburn Springs. However, fortunately for us,
her urge to write and perform songs has returned.

Pete's dobro playing was divine, and all the more remarkable considering he was
suffering from severe back pain.

Cyndi's brand new CD, 'Nowadays' took pride of place amongst her previous CDs
on display, and all were well sought after by our guests. We were very fortunate
that ours was the first gig at which 'Nowadays' was available.
Cyndi had received the first batch of them only two days before.

The acoustics of our home once again made it possible for even those right at the back
to hear all the words of the wonderful songs, which were almost exclusively Cyndi's own
compositions and many from the new CD. Cyndi's relaxed style has an obvoius country flavour,
but with more of a folk sensibility to her lyrics. Her performance also incorporates
the essential ingredient for pleasing an audience - communication and story telling.
To find out more about Cyndi and her music, go to her website at

It's the first time that we've welcomed a dobro player to The Duckpond
and we hope it's not the last - what an amazing instrument (in the right hands


Cyndi and Pete once again made it a pleasure for all present to meet and get to know them.
Why is it that musicians and singer/songwriters are all such lovely folk?


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