Duckpond House Concert No.18
The Mae Trio
9 May 2014

We've had a long association with the Rigby family. Andy, James and James' wife Jane Thompson played at our wedding,
Andy, James, Jane and Bruce played at our 10th wedding anniversary, and it was Jane who first suggested to us
that our home would be particularly suited to putting on house concerts. Also, James and Jane,
and Andy and his wife Polly Christie, have played house concerts here over the past two years.
So, we thought it fortuitous when James and Jane's daughters Maggie and Elsie, together with Anita Hillman,
agreed to play a house concert here on 9 May 2014. Known collectively as The Mae Trio,
these three young women have been taking the music world by storm,
collecting awards wherever they go, including the Maton Award for Emerging Talent at Port Fairy Folk Festival
and Folk Album of the Year at the National Folk Festival for their CD 'Housekeeping'.

We always begin our evening by feeding artists, house guests and family.
I was too slow to photograph the six wonderful pizzas (on my wonderful bases) that Jonni created
for dinner tonight. By the time I grabbed my camera - this was all that was left!

Elsie Rigby
fiddle, ukulele & vocals
Maggie Rigby
guitar, banjo, ukulele & vocals
Anita Hillman
cello, bass & vocals

Although we've known Maggie and Elsie since they were toddlers, we have been somewhat remiss in following
their musical careers of late. It wasn't until we heard, and read, all the wonderful reviews they have been receiving
that we decided to get them to fill our 'Rigby quota' for this year. And what fabulous singers and musicians
they have become, as also is Anita, whom we hadn't met before. Between the three, an atmosphere of unity
is evident, both on a personal level and in their beautiful harmonies.

This was the first time we've had the pleasure of hearing a cello at the Duckpond,
and it sounded fabulous. Although we've had fiddle/violin previously, I don't think we've had it played
quite like Elsie does. Thank you to one of our first time patrons, Jose Garcia, for taking this photo.

Maggie did complain that she was severely distracted by the size of the egg light next to the little
wooden duck and remarked that, if that duck produced that egg, it would have been a very difficult birth!

They are very talented, as well as charming, young women, and all three have that most essential
ingredient of all - the ability to engage with the audience and tell good stories, giving background
to their songs. For such young artists, their songwriting has an powerful maturity which will take them far.
Indeed, they are back off to the UK and Europe for the northern summer music festival circuit.
We'd love to have them back again - but with talent like this we may not be able to afford them!

You can find out more about The Mae Trio, and listen to their music on their website at

As Jose Garcia was kind enough to take this photo, I can mention my
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More about these 'one of a kind' prints can be found at:

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