Duckpond House Concert No. 20
The Yearlings
24 July 2014

Jonni has been chasing Robyn Chalklen and Chris Parkinson (aka The Yearlings) for about 3 years
to get them to the Duckpond, ever since we saw them at the Caravan Club. They've offered to play
a couple of times, but the dates didn't suit us, and we've suggested dates which didn't suit them.
Also their living in Adelaide hasn't made it any easier. However, the planets eventually aligned
and The Yearlings brought their own brand of laid back alt-country music to the Duckpond.

I do love to see the diverse range of instruments musicians bring, and, although our concerts
are nearly always fully acoustic (because we don't have a PA system), we're happy for the artists
to bring their own amplification system so long as they adjust it to suit the acoustics of the room.
The Yearlings did just that, so everything was crystal clear with no distortion (one of my bugbears).

For those that arrive early, there's the chance to catch up with old friends, or make new ones.
So good to have guests bring family members along to enjoy the music and
get to know other Duckpond house concert regulars.

We were lucky enough to get the Yearlings to the Duckpond because they were on tour to promote
their new album 'All The Wandering' and they brought with them their good friend, and fine drummer,
BJ Barker. BJ had his impressive drum kit totally in control and it provided a perfect accompaniment
for Robyn and Chris' sweet harmonies and Chris' wonderful guitar playing. Jonni said
he'd forgotten what a brilliant guitarist Chris was.
(photo by Christen Jo Stone - many thanks)

Once again it was a treat to hear the stories behind the songs written by Robyn and Chris
and tears were almost shed when Chris told the story of the demise of his limited edition Maton guitar,
repaired but not wholly resuscitated.

It's sort of 'pulling the short straw' for whoever gets to sit in the corner, as they are in such
an awkward spot to photograph with the rest of the band. So this was a very
lucky and delightful shot of BJ.

Singing is such throat-drying work it appears, but water mostly does the trick!

Thanks also to Jo Stone for this great photo showing the cafe-style set up
of our house concerts - initially determined by the huge refectory table made by Jonni
which can just about be slid over the floor by two people (thanks to my brilliant idea of carpetting its feet
as we were assembling it). There's no way it can be moved out of the room, so we just slide it
towards the stage area and add two more tables at the back.

Jonni and I are continually impressed by how delightful all the artist are that have played here.
We have NEVER had an artist whom we haven't enjoyed accommodating and getting to know.
No ego driven prima donnas, and no complaints about the set up or the food we try to stuff into them!
May it ever be so.

You can find out more about The Yearlings, and listen to their music on their website at

It will be a pleasure to entice them back again some time down the track.
Here's a video of highlights from this terrific concert.

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