Duckpond House Concert No. 28
Lamine Sonko, Fanta Sonko, Ben Joad & Olive Moyoli
24 July 2015

It has been 2 years since the vibrant rhythms of West African music have been heard at the Duckpond,
but Lamine Sonko sweeps in on a whirlwind of energy to remedy the situation. It's Lamine's third time here
at the Duckpond, and we feel especially privileged to hear his music reach out across cultural boundaries.

Regarded as the most prolific and charismatic figure in the Australian-African music scene,
Lamine is a captivating performer. Also, I'm always looking forward to see
which stunning outfit Lamine has chosen for the occasion.

Lamine started the night with a solo number and then introduced the first of the newcomers
to the Duckpond - Ben Joad. Ben, who was raised in Marrakesh, Morocco, and schooled in the
traditional rhythms of the Gwana people but inspired by guitar heros like Jimi Hendrix, showed his
versatility playing guitar, bass, djembe and also singing. His guitar playing was particularly brilliant.

After one number with Ben, Lamine introduced us to his sister Fanta Sonko and friend Olive Moyoli.
Lamine's outfit for this evening was perhaps trumped by his sister's amazing glittering gold, red and green
traditional dress and head dress. Olive was a lovely fourth member of the band, and I was so thrilled to see
her put my 'leaf magic' wooden sticks to a different use as percussion instruments.

Fanta's over 15 years experience of dancing in Senegal, France and Spain came to the fore.
Her dancing was unbelievable - and in such a small space.

As always with Lamine, there was plenty of audience participation involved.
Here Mpaphe Nfandizo was invited to join in on bass......

while his wife Suzi added to the dance action.

Jonni can never keep still for long if the rythym is strong, and being suitably dressed,
Fanta dragged him up to demonstrate that he'd being paying attention to all the important moves.

Lamine explains the background stories of the songs, and always shows his passion
to unite humanity through music and song - a calling which he fulfills with unflagging dedication.
Ben was amazed and very pleased at how attentive the audience was.
At many gigs he wonders why he's there when people talk all the time. Not so at the Duckpond.

To find out more about Lamine Sonko go to to his website at
and, if you'd like to get an idea of what the night was like, Jonni has put together a video of highlights.

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