Duckpond House Concert No. 29
Liz Frencham & John Flanagan
17 September 2015

It's always something to look forward to when Liz Frencham comes to The Duckpond.
She's played here a couple of times with the singing diplomat Fred Smith and we've always
enjoyed her lovely smile, beautiful voice, of course, her wonderul double-bass playing.
This time she brought with her a delightful young up-and-coming singer/songwriter John Flanagan.

Liz and John are releasing new albums, and have joined forces for an extensive Australian tour
that they've appropriately entitled 'Hotels, Halls, Front Doors'. Luckily for us, they were able
to squeeze us into the tour. Both are accomplished song writers and cover a wide variety of subject matter.

Liz is launching her second and third volumes of live duets, along with
a re-issued first volume. She's a geat collaborator with other artists,
but I can't imagine her without her beloved double bass friend.

John has just released a new single 'Whatever Makes You Happy'
and is soon to release an album which he recently recorded in Nashville.
He has a terrific voice and demonstrated his extensive skill with both guitar and banjo.

It's always good to see people making new friends or catching up with old ones particularly
when they're from interstate and are attending their first Duckpond house concert.

Liz and John closed the house concert year for us in fine style, and you can experience
a little of what they were like with this video of a few highlights that Jonni has put together.
I wonder who will be playing at The Duckpond next year?

If you'd like to find out more about them, go to Liz's website at
or John's website at

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