Duckpond House Concert No. 30
Suzannah Espie & Liz Stringer
8 April 2016

Liz Stringer was the very first performer to play a house concert here at The Duckpond
way back in 2011 and Suzannah Espie had played here in 2013. So, we were particularly delighted
and honoured when these two wonderful singer/songwriters agreed to play here together.

Thread Bear took the opportunity to try out the new stage which Jonni had constructed over Summer,
and declared it safe for tonight's performers to open The Duckpond House Concert 2016 season.

Liz is one of Melbourne's most talented singer/songwriters and combines intimate, complex narratives
with haunting vocals. She is also a great storyteller.

Suzannah's reputation as a singer/songwritr has taken a boost with the release of
her most recent and highly acclaimed album 'Mother's not Feeling Herself Today',
on which she delves into her own experiences and feelings as a mother.

A full house with a 'listening audience', gives us a chance to not only hear the stories behind the songs
but actually hear the lyrics. Such an opportunity is often not present in venues where there's
other activity going on in the background.

It was obvious that Liz and Suzannah enjoy performing together They have a
lovely rapport between them, as well as relating comfortably and happily
with the appreciative audience.

To learn more about these two beautiful women, go to Liz's website at
or Suzannah's website at If you'd like to get an idea of what the night was like,
Jonni has put together a video of highlights.

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