Duckpond House Concert No. 32
Lucie Thorne
23 July 2016

We first got to know Lucie Thorne when she stayed here at the Duckpond over the 2014 Healesville Music Festival
and found her be be a really lovely person. So, it seems incredible that it's taken 20 months for us to get her here
to play a house concert, but then Lucie's touring schedule, both here in Australia and overseas, is extensive.
Our schedules just haven't meshed until now.

Jonni's stage was irresistible for the children, but I'm not sure they've quite worked out its purpose!

Jonni always spends a great deal of thought working out how to feed our artists
and house guests. This is not the first time his signature dish 'gumbo' has
been a resounding success.

Lucie has a unique voice which is one of the most striking in Australian contemporary music.
Combining that with her grungy electric guitar playing, she wove a spell over all who attended.

This photo is full of regular audience members, now regarded as good friends.

To find out more about Lucie, go to her website at and, if you'd like to
listen to some of the songs Lucie sang on the night, Jonni has put a video up on YouTube.

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