Duckpond House Concert No. 34
Eric Bogle & Pete Tichener
13 October 2016

We must be doing something right here at the Duckpond because, when asked to come back
and play a third house concert, Eric Bogle and Pete Titchener had no hesitation in accepting.
We're so glad they did.

Eric is probably Australia's foremost folk singer/songwriter and many of his songs, such as
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
and No Man's Land, have become folk classics
that have been recorded by some of the worlds leading folk artists.

Eric is also a warm and engaging performer, and the banter betwen him and Pete is always lively.

There was a mixture of Eric's 'classics' and newly penned songs, and, as usual, the evening
was a real emotiona lroller-coaster

After breakfast in the morning it was back to work for Pete.
He needed to re-string his guitar before another performance that night.

To find out more about Eric, go to his website at and, to keep up with Pete's
comings and goings, go to his Facebook page

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