Duckpond House Concert No. 37
Scott Cook & Corin Raymond
16 March 2018

We had Scott Cook scheduled to play a house concert here at the Duckpond exactly 12 months ago to the day,
but had to relocate it to Fred and Dianne de Munk's house because I was contagious with some sort of tummy bug.
Thanks very much, Fred and Di (for taking over the hosting - not the tummy bug!).
Scott then generously offered to try again this year, and this time bring along his good friend, Corin Raymond.

When we got a phone call from Scott at around 4.00 pm on the day to say
his beloved van Skippy had broken down, we feared that fate had put another obstacle
in the way of our getting Scott to the Duckpond. However, Jonni jumped in the car
and went and picked up Scott, Corin and most of their gear, and managed to get them
to the Duckpond in time to have a quick bite to eat before a slightly late-starting house concert.

In spite of the traumatic arrival, Scott launched himself into the music
with his usual vibrant personality. We first heard Scott at Newstead Music Festival
back in 2015 and have been trying to lure him here ever since.
I never tire of hearing these mostly now familiar songs.

Scott has been telling us about Corin and singing his songs for most of the time
that we've known him. It was one of Corin's songs in particular, Blue Mermaid Dress,
that intrigued Jonni and started him researching him. I, on the other hand, was unfamiliar
with Corin's songs, and was bowled over by his passion for the words and music
that came through in a captivating and dramatic performance.

I do love catching a glimpse of the playlists that performers obviously sweat over and write so carefully!
No waste of words here! I think Jonni more or less wrote Corin's playlist for him while he had him
captive in the car after the rescue operation. I'm wondering if there was a certain amount of coercion involved.

The combination of Scott and Corin showed how familiar they are with each other's songs.

The usual 'merch table' (my bread trolley or a small folding table) was far too small
for the collection of CDs on offer, so the kitchen bench was taken over
and the tea, coffee and Anzac biscuits managed to make do with the former.

Thanks to the incredibly generous offer by our friend Mitzi Davison
of a replacement vehicle, Busby, Scott and Corin were able to continue
on to the next gig. They're obviously very pleased with Busby.

I had always wanted to have a photo of 'Skippy at the Duckpond', and it looked as if
this wasn't to be. However, Jonni came to the rescue once again to re-unite Scott and Corin with Skippy
on their return from Adelaide. He collected Skippy from the repair man and brought him back
to the Duckpond. I had my photo at last.

To find out more about Scott and Corin, go to their websites at
and respectively. If you'd like to listen to a few highlights of the songs
Scott and Corin sang on the night, Jonni has put up a video on YouTube.

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