Duckpond House Concert No. 41
Red Tail Ring (USA)
7 March 2019

Jonni was approached a little while ago by Red Tail Ring's Australian tour manager to
ask if we'd be interested in having them for a house concert. It didn't take much investigating
on YouTube before we decided that we'd love to have them.

Michael took advantage of the early Autumn warmth
to get himself into concert mode for the evening.

Jonni made a delicious lasagne to feed artists and family.
We always try to feed our artists well.

Laurel and Michael, who hail from Kalamazoo, Michigan, have been performing together since 2009
and play their own brand of acoustic roots music based on the old timey style of Appalachia.
Their repertoire included a mix of traditional and original tunes.

Recovered from his hernia surgery, Jonni decided this time to leave the couch in use
instead of heaving it into the laundry with the other furniture.
This trio, who scored the comfy front row seat didn't complain!

Combining banjo, fiddle, guitar and beautiful harmonies, Laurel and Michael wove a spell
over the audience and had them begging for more.

The backdrop has become a regular part of our concert decor.
I spun and died it back in the 1970s, so we're glad the moths haven't chewed it too badly.

To find out more about Red Tail Ring, go to their website.

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