Duckpond House Concert No. 42
Kerryn Fields
3 May 2019

We first heard Kerryn Fields singing (briefly) on the 7.30 Report on the TV and thought
'Wow, what a great voice'. Then, not much later, we found out she was playing a house concert
not far from us in Christmas Hills. Off we trotted, and immediately fell in love with her voice,
her songwriting and her humour. Of course, that meant we just had to get her to play at The Duckpond

Our first Kiwi artist - and what a wonderful ambassador from across the pond,
thankfully now living here in Melbourne.

As well as being a wonderful singer/songwriter Kerryn is a fine and often humourous story teller.
There's a skilled comedian in there struggling for an equal foothold with the songs and the singing.

Kerryn's guitar case is an artwork full of symbolism
of her Mauri heritage and personal challenges.

Kerryn played almost exclusively her own compositions in her own unique style,
never afraid to bare her soul in her lyrics.

The merch table was sadly without CDs because Kerryn had sold all her supply on her recent
New Zealand tour, but did contain some great Kerryn designed t-shirts.

Kerryn's extraordinary voice and virtuosic guitar and ukulele playing
had the audience transfixed
. If you get the chance to see her, particularly in
an intimate setting, make sure you do. You just might find us there, too.

To find out more about Kerryn, go to her website. If you'd like to see a few highlights,
Jonni has put up a video on YouTube.

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