Duckpond House Concert No. 43
Nick Charles
10 August 2019

My son Adam and his family, who live in Clifton Beach in Tassie, informed us that they'd be coming over to visit
and would love it if their visit could coincide with a house concert. Now, we usually organise our house concerts
around when it suits the artist, so finding an artist to fill a particular date was a new challenge for Jonni. He'd been keen
to get guitar whiz Nick Charles for some time and, fortunately, Nick was available on the desired date. Sorted.

With a lovely new gifted scarf around my neck, I ventured to pop my head
in front of the camera before the concert, instead of always being behind it.

Like most of the artists that have come to the Duckpond, Nick had many stories,
either about the tunes he had written or gathered from his many years 'on thr road'.

My brother Philip and daughter in law Justine scored prime position
and Philip concentrated trying to see what Nick was doing with his fingers!

If I hadn't been watching I would have been sure there were at least two guitars. Nick's ability
to play a separate melody and accompaniment is just brilliant. I can see why he's labelled
internationally as 'Australia's virtuoso of acoustic roots and blues'

Youngest son Adam and eldest grandaughter Joni also found a spot
close to the action. It's always good to have part of our extended family
joining us for a house concert.

Nick played mostly a dazzling fingerpicking style but, as shown here, also threw in
a bit of stinging bottleneck slide. He is truly one of Australia's finest guitarists.

To find out more about Nick, go to his website. If you'd like to see a few highlights,
Jonni has put up a video on YouTube.

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