Duckpond House Concert No. 44
The Muses' Delight
8 December 2019

For the last house concert in 2019 we decided to have a return to classical music and an afternoon time-slot.
To that end, Jonni approached a trio of lovely young women who call themselves The Muses' Delight.
We'd seen them a few times and had always thoroughly enjoyed their music. For our concert, they added
a fourth member and devised a program of baroque and folk tunes inspired by the 'Twelve Days Of Christmas',
which they entitled 'A Partridge In A Pear Tree'.

Not exactly Christmas lights, but my Leaf Magic eco printed lamps
had their first public airing, and they performed admirably.

The Muses' Delight brought their own delightful decorations
to grace the front of the stage.

The lineup for this concert was Meredith Beardmore (flute), Jessica Foot (oboe/violin),
Katie Yap (viola) and Lucy Price (cello).
Not only dedicated and talented musicians,
but a delightful group who gave us a memorable afternoon of music so perfect for this time of year.

Lucy is a fine cellist, with a strong interest in baroque. She plays
with a number of different ensembles and orchestras, and has
toured internationaally with the Sydney North Chamber Orchestra.

Meredith is a talented flutist, who regularly performs in chamber music ensembles across Australia.
Originally a classically trained oboist, Jessica recently discovered her love of fiddle playing.
Both play in a diverse range of ensembles, with styles varying from classical / baroque to traditional / folk.

Katie is a highly regerded violist and she, too, plays with several orchestras,
including the MSO. Here she is trying out Jessica's Hardanger fiddle.

It's not often that Jonni and I are asked to sit for a photo, but we were happy to oblige.

To find out more about The Muses' Delight, go to their website.
If you'd like to see a few highlightsof today's concert,
Jonni has put up a video on YouTube.

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