Duckpond House Concert No. 47
Scott Cook & Liz Frencham
14 April 2023

It was a great pleasure to welcome back our friend Scott Cook.
He's toured Australia many times until Covid brought it all to a grinding halt.

Scott's new CD 'Tangle of Souls' was recorded during his last visit at the home and
recording studio of Liz Frencham, and it was wonderful that Liz was able to share the stage tonight.

These two artists haven't played together since Covid kept Scott anchored to his home
in Canada. A live-stream in the Duckpond garden on the morning of the concert was all it took
for them to meld seamlessly on stage the same evening.

Liz is a 'local treasure' for us here in Victoria, where her voice and double bass
have accompanied many artists all over Australia. This was the 4th time
she's played at the Duckpond

As streaming services are diminishing the ability of many artists to
withstand the cost of producing a CD, Scott pulled out all the stops
to release his. The CD is nestled in the back cover of a 240 page
hard cover book, documenting his lyrics and stories of his life on the road.
As this CD was recorded in Australia, he wanted an Australian theme
for the images within and I was happy when he chose to feature
my 'Leaf Magic' eco prints throughout the book.

If you'd like to see a few highlightsof this concert,
Jonni has put up a video on YouTube.

To find out more about Scott, go to his website

For more about Liz, go to her instagram

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