Duckpond House Concert No. 48
Paper Mouse (Liz Frencham & Robbie Melville)
7 May 2023

When it was organised for Paper Mouse to play at the Duckpond,
a team meeting was required to prepare for the event.

2018 Troubadour Artist of the Year, Lz Frencham is a warm and
exuberant performer, who possesses that unique ability to hold an
audience in the palm of her hand. And, it wouldn't be Liz without her
beautiful double bass.

LIz Frencham is one of our favourite artists. She's a wonderful bass player, terrific singer
and all round wonderful person. Liz has already played at The Duckpond 4 times
supporting other artists (Fred Smith (twice), Scott Cook, John Flanagan), and we thought
it high time we featured her 'up front'. We finally organised a concert with Liz and
Robbie Melville, aka Paper Mouse, to play here at The Duckpond.

Robbie Melville is a fine jazz guitarist and composer, who writes
some very beautiful instrumental music. He is no stranger to
collaborative enterprises and there is an obvious chemistry between
him and Liz. This is the first time Robbie has played at The Duckopnd.
We hope it's not the last.

Listening to Liz's own songs, with her captivating voice and wonderfully expressive
bass playing, combined with Robbie's exquisite guitar playing, was a perfect way
to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The mice appreciated the afternoon tea, and the table didn't look
anything like this after the concert.

Paper mice designed by artist David Miller, and bred by Cecilia

For more about Liz, go to her instagram

To find out more about Robbie, go to his website

If you'd like to see a few highlightsof this concert,
Jonni has put up a video on YouTube.

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