Duckpond House Concert No. 49
Khristian Mizzi
23 July 2023

This is how our room looks before we begin preparations for the concert.

And here it is set up for an afternoon concert, which takes the form
of rows of seats instead of the usual seating at tables. We still need
the big table though because we provide afternoon tea,

We first saw Khristian at Newstead Music Festival in 2017 and we've
been keen to have him here at The Duckpond ever since, but, because
he's been in such great demand, it's taken us all this time to entice hm here.

We were fortunate that he was able to fit us into
his busy schedule not long after his return from a successful trip
to Nashville, where he recorded a new album.

With his unique voice which truly moves people, Khristian captivated those audience
members who had not heard him before as well as delighting those who were already fans.
We were delighted to have the 2021 Australian Folk Alliance Solo Artist of the Year finally
sing and play here at The Duckpond.

After almost running out of Anzacs at our previous Sunday afternoon concert,
I baked close to 100 this time - and they lasted the distance!

To find out more about Khristian, go to his website

Jonni has put up a video on YouTube.

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